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Roku Error Code 011

Roku Error Code 011

Roku is an amazing device that allows you to stream some of the most amazing content. You can stream the content without any hassle on however, it is common to experience errors while you are trying to stream. If you are facing this issue then do not worry as it is quite easy to fix Roku error code 011 by following troubleshooting the solutions. 

Quick Solutions that can Help you Fix Roku error code 011

When you complete the setup for the Roku, the Roku easily downloads and installs the software. At this point, you are more likable to get the Roku errors saying ‘unable to connect to the Roku’. The Roku error code 011 indicates that the software update is incomplete because the Roku is not able to connect with the internet. Roku checks for software updated after every 24 hours however, you can also manually check the software updates for your device. Updating the software is important as it allows you to add the latest features and fix bugs that help in improving the way Roku functions.

Steps to Fix Roku Error Code 011 Quickly

There are chances that you may come across Roku error code 011 while trying to install the latest software updates. But this problem can be easily fixed if you follow the basic troubleshooting guidelines. However, if the error is unresolved you can get in touch with the Roku technical support team for help and assistance. Here is the step by step guide that you can follow to resolve the error code.

  • When you start with the initial setup, the latest software is instantly downloaded and installed. During this process, you may come across a message like ‘unable to connect to Roku’ along with error code 011. It clearly shows that the software update has failed because the Roku is unable to connect to the internet. Wait for some time and then try reconnecting to the internet.

If the above step does not work then you can follow the solutions mentioned below.

Check the Internet Connection

 The first thing that you need to check is the internet connection. The most common reason for experiencing this issue is because of the internet connection. If the internet is poor or weak then you may come across issues while trying to update the software. You can try restarting the computer, modem and the router. Try to update the firmware of the router.

Reset the Antivirus to Default Settings

 If you have recently updated the antivirus for your computer then it could be blocking the internet access. You can try resetting the antivirus to default settings. It can help in fixing the Roku error code 011 immediately.

Reinstalling the Antivirus

 If the above-mentioned step is not able to resolve the error code 011 then you will have to reinstall the antivirus. You can reinstall a third-party antivirus or keep the Windows Firewall antivirus software.

Restarting the Devices

 After following the steps mentioned above you can try restarting the devices which means the Roku player and the router. Often a quick restart can help in fixing the errors and glitches.

These are some of the solutions that you can follow to fix the Roku error code 011However, if the problem persists then you can take help from the Roku technicians. The technical support team will help and support you in resolving the error immediately.

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